Friday, April 29, 2016

Easy and Beautiful Ice Cream Pie

Tonight we celebrated my son's birthday with a family dinner.  For dessert, I made a chocolate ice cream pie (his request).   I modified a recipe I found over on Fine Cooking's website HERE.  Here's a picture of the pie I made (although I think it looked better in person!).

I discovered recently that you can melt creamy peanut butter and it will turn to liquid pretty quickly (30 seconds in the microwave).   It will also reharden quickly.  You don't need to buy peanut butter topping for ice cream.

So, after following the steps on Fine Cooking for the crust.  I let it cool and then filled the bottom with a layer of chocolate ice cream.  Then, I spread the hot fudge sauce on top and melted 1/3 cup of peanut butter.  I drizzled that over top of the hot fudge sauce and put the pie in the freezer.  Later in the afternoon, I made the small scoops of ice cream and layered them on top.  I chopped up some mini reese's cups and sprinkled them over top.  Then, I drizzled 1/4 cup hot fudge sauce like the recipe recommended plus another 1/4 cup of melted peanut butter.

It really was a yummy pie.

Most of the time I bake pies, but this one was nice and easy to make!