Saturday, June 11, 2016

Garage Saling and the Art of Waiting

Last Sunday, I was telling someone about putting our girls' room together.  We put their beds back together as bunk beds and it gave them room to have their own desks and a bit more personal space--which is tough when you have two girls sharing a room.

The gal I was talking to loves to garage sale like I do and find treasures--so she asked why I bought my middle daughter a table at IKEA instead of garage saling for it.  I responded that I did get their chairs at a garage sale for $2 each and even cut the back off a broken chair to make a stool for my older daughter since she wanted a stool.  I was so pleased to not have to buy a stool!  I spent $25 on the most basic white table that IKEA sells (which we had another of, so my girls had matching desks).

But, I should have waited....

Garage saling is a funny thing.   What one person doesn't want any more and is ready to find a new home for is often exactly what I'm look for.  But, when I'm looking for a specific thing I often have to wait.  And the honest answer as to why I didn't garage sale for the second desk I needed was that I wanted to have my daughters' room put together now.  It's tough to give one girl a desk and not have one for the other at the same time!  So, I bought the table.

But, then I went to one garage sale yesterday--and I found exactly what my middle daughter had wanted in a desk--the man accepted the cash I had--$16.85 (he had wanted $20).  I brought it home and set to work painting it.

Then, today I spent time with my family this morning, but my husband let me stop by one garage sale on the way home.  I've been searching online for a few weeks trying to find an art curriculum for my oldest daughter this year, but hadn't been able to figure it out.  First, I found two shirts for 25 cents each.  Then, I found three lace doilies like my great grandmother made when I was a kid.  I look for them at garage sales because they remind me of the good things about my childhood--I find that it's easy sometimes to miss the good when our eyes look back and only see the bad.  Lastly, I spotted a homeschool art book by Abeka out of the corner of my eye and I went over to investigate.  I found a box of old art books.  One of which was a homeschool curriculum I reviewed a few years back.  I hadn't considered it because the books cost $43 each.  But, this was an older copy and it was exactly what I was looking for!  The lady sold it to me (along with 4 other old art textbooks) for $1.  What a huge blessing!

As we headed towards home, I was thankful--for the Lord's love and His help finding what I needed for my family.  I was also reminded by these two garage sales that I need to wait and be patient--eventually I'll probably find what I'm looking for...