Home Economics for Kids

I realized as I began to post this page that it's really not just for homeschoolers.  Home economics and life skills matter to all kids and parents!  So, here's the list of skills I plan on teaching my kids and the resources I've found that we are using that I love.

Elementary School
Money Management           Wise Purchases, Grocery Shopping, Saving

Decision Making                  Self Discipline, Wise/Unwise
Space Organization             Own Room, Clothing, Closet
Home Skills                          Gardening, Meal Planning, Cooking, Sewing, Recycling/Reusing
Resources:   Sewing School by Amie Plumley and Anria Lisle
                         Magic School Bus:  Bakes a Cake (Baking) and Holiday Special 
                         Episode (Recycling)
People Skills                         Manners, Making Friends, Phone Etiquette
Healthy Lifestyles               Eating Right and Making Good Food Choices

Resources:  Our Health Curriculum, Harcourt Health and Fitness, grades K-6
                      Sample Book: 2nd grade student text, ISBN 0153375256
Celebration Skills                 Family Traditions, Birthdays, Special Days/Achievements,  

Middle School
Money Management           Clothes Shopping, Grocery Shopping, Saving/Banking
Decision Making                  Time (Priorities), Self Discipline, Wise/Unwise
Space Organization              Home, Purse/Backpack
Vision                                    Goals/Purpose
Home Skills                          Menu Planning, Cooking, Knitting/Crocheting, Child Care
People Skills                         Email/Letter Etiquette
Healthy Lifestyles               CPR/First Aid Class
Fine Arts                              Photography, Music Appreciation

High School
Money Management            Open and Use a Bank Account, Budgeting
Life Skills                             Getting a Job, Work Ethic
Home Skills                          House Maintenance, Car Maintenance, Painting, Wood Finishing
Animals                                Volunteer at Humane Society