Thursday, April 20, 2017

Saving Money on Food

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store buying food when I came upon a sign in front of the chicken.  It said that all packages were $3 off.

I love to talk to people, so first I explained to a woman who approached that they were $3 off--in spanish.  She didn't understand the sign in English.

Then, I mentioned it to the next man who came up.  I asked him if the small package or the large package would be the better deal.  He said the large.  I explained to him--No.  The small package is the better deal--as long as all packages are the same price per pound.  He later told me as he was checking out that he enjoyed talking to me.

Next, I asked the cashier when I checked out which was the better deal?  Small or large?  He again answered, "The larger package."  I explained that the smaller package is, because then the $3 is divided between fewer pounds--more is saved per pound.  The cashier said that he learned something new every day!

I came home and then asked all three of my children.  Two said the large package and one the small--but for the wrong reason.  I explained to them.

Then, I called my best friend and asked her.  She replied that she thinks about this all the time.  Her husband would say the large package.  She would ask first which package had the best price per pound and then think about it.

My mom was the only one who said within a second when asked that the smaller package was the best deal--which is because my mom taught me when I was young to look at the price per pound and evaluate how much coupons take off per pound/ounce.  The larger package is not always the best deal--whether it's chicken or salad dressing!

Please know that you can't hear my tone when I asked this question.  One might infer that I had a tone of trying to compete or be uppity, but that wasn't my tone of voice at all!  I simply asked the question with a smile--like one would in a game or with a trivia question.  And that was how all of the people I spoke with interpreted the tone of my question--I know this because I later asked my friend about my tone and the man's comment and the cashier's comment confirmed this.

I know that kids often question whether math is important or will matter to them in life, but it does!  It pops up in the most unexpected ways...