Sunday, January 15, 2012

Planning Our Projects

I had this thought yesterday about my home and how burdened I've felt to fix everything right now.  It came after I looked through some old pictures of my family in our old house--before we'd fixed it.  I had forgotten what it looked like and we simply lived with until we had the finances to fix it.  In one instance we were compelled to take a loan out because it was such an enormous repair that had to be done right away.  But, we worked away at it to quickly pay that loan off.  What I realized as all of these memories came to me is that part of the reason we feel this burden to fix everything is that we are able to afford a lot of the fixes.  They aren't big fixes like the one we had to take a loan our for several years ago, though they do add up.  But, when we simply couldn't afford the fixes at the time, we had to wait until we could.

The second part of the reason we feel so burdened is a little different for my husband and I.  For him, he thought he was moving into a house that didn't need a lot of work, so it feels a bit like we got hijacked.  For me, I realize that my family does better when our home is settled and functioning--and not out of order.  So, I want things to be fixed and in place.  

So, last night we were feeling so burdened, we sat down and made a master list of those projects we want to do over the next year.  We broke it down for the winter (now-next 2 months), spring, and June-December.  We also made a list of projects for next year.  When we spread out the projects over time, it didn't look so bad.  I also made a list of the little projects I need to get done now and need to work through.  I took my calendar and spread the projects and phone calls out over the week.  My goal is to only tackle one day's jobs at a time, so that I can still get my regular work done and feel at ease that it is all going to get done.  

Now to stick to that plan...

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