Friday, June 1, 2012

Great Free Forms!

For the past two years, I've been using Mom's Home Journal for my family forms.  They're cute and useful forms.  The first year cost me $12.95 and the second $5.  At the time when I needed a family planner/calendar, I couldn't find a great site that had free forms that were easy to print.  

I found one this morning!  Yippee!  I love finding great resources on the web that are free.  
Here's the site:

Donna Young has a very complete list of all the planners available.  She also has all the forms needed on her site to make your own customized planner.

I found her site (which she has really improved and added to over the past few years), because I was looking for printable fraction pieces.  I thought I had a set at home, but somehow they either got misplaced or given away during our move a few months ago.  I don't have the time to drive a long distance to a teaching supplies store or order a set online and wait for them.  We're doing fractions now, so I really need to have them today.

I found a great printable set of fraction pies that I'm working on preparing for use.  First, I'm coloring the circles each in a different color with crayons and labeling the pieces with the fraction names a little larger by hand with a permanent marker.  Then I'm going to cut them out and put clear contact paper on both sides of the circles.  Then I will cut the circles apart into pieces.  I have a box that I'm going to store them in for future use.  There wasn't a blank page of circles so I put a piece of paper on top of the page and traced over the circle size.  I'm going to make several copies of this to have several whole circles to use.  Here's the page with her fraction pie piece printables. 

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