Saturday, July 13, 2013

Always a New Way...

Last week as I was looking at our local grocery ad for ShopRite, I noticed a label that said "see coupon online".  Hmmm...

This morning as I was making my list for the grocery store, I realized I had never gotten around to doing that.  I looked up ShopRite's site and found a spot along the top that said "coupons".  You have to create an account associated with your discount key tag that you use at the store.  That part was complicated because for some reason the computer didn't like what I was putting in.  But, after a few minutes it was done.  Then, you just click on the coupon you want loaded to your price plus club card and it will be there!

It seems like there's always some new way of couponing...

Earlier this summer, I tried to make a "coupon" shopping trip.  It took at least an hour in the store and at the end I was seriously questioning whether it was worth it.  My three kids were very squirrelly and it took so much energy from me to manage the shopping, track the coupons, and keep my kids in line (and from bumping into other shoppers).

When I got home, I sat down and thought about my pressing desire for space and breathing room for a few minutes.  I decided it isn't wise for me to use a lot of coupons at this stage in my life.  My kids are my constant, energy needing companions for my shopping trips.  Loading coupons onto my discount card for the store might be doable, though.  We'll see!

I used to be a diehard couponer.  Every Sunday morning, I'd sit with the coupons, clip, and then organize. Now, I shop the sale ad, BJs coupons, and Aldi.  I think I end up coming out even.  I stock up when things are on sale and I'm not tempted to purchase the "extras" that I might have a paper coupon for.

What about you?


  1. I use coupons, but I am not "extreme" by any sense. I just found that so many coupons are for junk foods or items I don't really need. That said, I use my coupons that are less than $1 at Giant bc of doubling, shop sales and stock up, BJ's (def. use coupons here!) and Aldi's as well. I don't get overly nitpicky...I try to get a good price as often as I can, but I realize some stuff I just need and buy it even if its not on sale/coupon.

  2. I do love to coupon,too--I just don't have the time or patience (with my children in the store) ;) that I wish I did. :) Double coupons do make it a lot more worth it!