Friday, January 9, 2015

One thing each day...

My goal lately has been to do one thing each day on my house--to clean or organize one thing.  Sometimes it's small, sometimes big (mostly small).  The small things have made such a difference to how I feel about the space I live in.

I put all of our kitchen medicines in a basket one day.
I cleaned the shower one day.
I put the extra dishes in bags in the basement one day.
I moved the fish food to a different drawer so they weren't so in the way-- one day.

A friend of mine told me a few years ago that the Fly Lady said to start each day by clearing off your kitchen counters.  I do that.  It gives me a less cluttered feeling as I start each morning.

I'm finding that organizing a husband, children, dog, and house doesn't become a smaller job as the kids get bigger.  Rather, the job gets bigger.  More stuff to keep track of.  More school assignments.  More books (speaking of which--one library book has gone mia right now :( ).

Recently, my oldest daughter admired a larger home that one of her friend's lives in.  I agreed with her.  I love their house.  But, I shared with her that it's also more to take care of.  She realized that if more people were living in that house, there would also be more to take care of than there is now. Comparing apples to oranges always makes the oranges look like something's not right with them.  

So for now, I'll stick to my one thing a day and continually make little steps that will hopefully make my home more comfortable for everyone living in it!

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  1. I like that plan. Of course my one thing a day usually ends up being the same thing every day...laundry. Or dishes. ;)