Wednesday, June 24, 2015

IMPORTANT! Scam Phone Calls

I just got a message on my phone from an "unavailable" number.  I hate these phone calls :(  The message said it was from the IRS and they were getting ready to sue me--and of course, to contact them at an included phone number.

This one was meant to inspire panic in me, but before I even let my mind run, I got on the computer and googled "IRS Scam Phone Calls".  I found some very helpful information here on the IRS' website:

No worries.  The information on this page totally confirmed that the phone message I received was a scam.  It makes me mad that people do stuff like this--make people panic--just to cheat them out of money.  The love of money can cause people to do a lot of wrong things...

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  1. Our accountant cautioned us about those calls. He said the IRS will never call you like that.