Monday, November 9, 2015


One thing my family jokes about regularly are my forms.  There is a sense that they simultaneously chuckle about them, are thankful for them, and wonder about them!  I have forms we use for holidays, vacations, setting the table, planning birthday parties, cleaning the house, and even a form to help the kids know what to put in their lunches when they pack them.

This year we joined a homeschool co-op, so once a week my kids and I pack up our lunches and head to "school".  I'm teaching a middle school writing class and tutoring reading.  My Thursday mornings are filled with preparations to teach.  It's been interesting to watch my kids and I get used to this new part of our routine.  My kids are responsible for packing their backpacks and getting their lunches made.

A normal part of our routine at home is for the kids to make their own lunches.  When I ran out of time the first week before class, I asked my kids to make their own lunches and--one for me.  I quickly wrote down on a piece of paper what to put in each lunch.  They did just what I asked.  The next week I typed up what I'd written the week before and laminated it.  Now, they pull out the list each week to make their lunches.

Here's the list I typed up...

Making Lunches:
  1. Juice Box or Capri Sun
  2. Sandwich
  3. Fruit
  4. 2 cookies
  5. Napkin
  6. Snack: string cheese, granola bar, pretzels, etc....

I know it probably seems funny to have such a simple list typed up, but lists do help me and my kids. I'm thankful for them.  My forms and lists will probably be one of those things that my kids laugh and smile about when they are grown adults raising their own kids!

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