Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Buying a suit

My husband has needed a new suit.  We've tried to figure out where to go.  He looked online.  I went to Marshalls, Macy's, and JCPenney's.  But, in the end we went to Jos. A. Bank.  We'd gone to Men's Wearhouse before (which now owns Jos A. Bank).  I was so pleased by our visit to Jos. A. Bank!

When I went into Macy's last week, not a single salesperson spoke to me.  I walked through the men's suit department (where suits cost $600) and still I saw only one woman at a counter near the men's shirts--who never spoke or addressed me and the store wasn't busy.  I was there because I needed help.

I found the same thing in Penney's.  No one approached me or helped me.  There was no one there who I could ask questions of.  I did find a blazer for my husband--which cost $90 after the sale and a 25% off coupon, but that was it.  I learned on Saturday that the distinction is that blazers have solid colors, brass buttons and sportcoats--patterned, non brass buttons.  I saw the same slacks in Marshalls as Macy's, but the ones at Marshalls were $20 and the ones at Macy's of the same brand/style were $50.  But, I could buy slacks and shirts.  A suit has always been trickier.

We walked into Jos. A. Bank Saturday morning and were helped by a man who did not try to hardsell us at all.  My husband found two suits on sale that were less than Macy's price, several oxford shirts, and dress shirts, as well as a tie pin and cuff links that we were very pleased with (all thankfully on sale)!  It was immensely helpful to have someone help us who knew how the suit should fit.

It's appealing sometimes to buy clothing and shoes online.  It can be very convenient.  But, it can also be full of hassles and expenses in other ways.  I had been searching for some replacement sandals for the ones I've been wearing for two years.  I finally found them in the right color last month.  But, when they arrived, they were too narrow!

I'm going back to the old ways--no more shoe shopping online for me.  I stopped by Marshalls and found a pair of Croc sandals for $20--the same price as the sandals online--except that I got to try them on first, make sure they fit, and not have to pay $13 return shipping if they didn't fit!

I think the key for me is finding the stores that I can shop efficiently at, find a reasonable price, and get the help I need when I need it!

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