Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Baking and Pumpkin Pie

When we bought our house in GA, the lady before us had left a tray in the bottom of her oven covered with foil. We never did this growing up in my house, but I saw the benefit to doing it so I've kept up the practice ever since. The blessing of the tray is that when you discovere something you've put in the oven has spilled, you can take the tray off, put a pan under the item and keep on baking without the spillage on the bottom of the oven that quickly turns to burnt smell.

But, I discovered another great thing this week. Well, it's one of those fun little things. I now have a Pie cookbook that I love--called Pie by Ken Haedrich. It's this huge book! (I also have his Apple Pie cookbook which is also really good) There are several pumpkin pie recipes in the book. He included the one off of the Libby pumpkin can and mentions how there is too much filling for the pan. So, I tried to use my deep dish pie pan instead of a regular pie pan. All of the filling fit in it and it made for a much thicker pie--and honestly, I liked it better! Before it always seemed like such a thin pie--I wanted more filling. But, in the deep dish pie pan, it was great!

So, that's my fun thing I learned for this Thanksgiving dinner--ahead of time.

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