Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Thanksgiving Pie

Two weeks ago, my pie turned out great! The kids and I loved it! My pie for Thanksgiving didn't turn out so well. I was reminded of what an art pie making is =)

Here are my mistakes and things I learned:
#1 I made my pie crust and left it in the fridge too long. I know it's important to chill it a little, but i left it in all day. I couldn't get back to it until much, much later. Not a good thing. It was really difficult to roll out and then it wouldn't roll in a circular shape so I had to reball it and roll it again. I ended up handling it a lot and in the end it was still much thicker than I would have liked... which led to the next problem.
#2 The Libby's pumpkin pie recipe works best with canned pumpkin and not fresh. Fresh is so much more watery. Two weeks ago I used canned and this time I used fresh that I had frozen. I will definitely use canned if I use that recipe again.
#3 I used my deep dish pie pan, but all of the filling wouldn't fit because the crust was too thick = not as thick of a pie. That's what I had loved about my pie 2 weeks ago--that it was thicker than the average 9" pumpkin pie.

So, those were my 3 lessons I learned about pumpkin pie making this Thanksgiving =)

Aside from that, I did make the stuffing, pie, mashed potatoes, pickled peaches, and yams on Wednesday. That made life much easier on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, I had put the stuffing off until the day of the big meal and it made the day much more hectic. I will definitely make sure I do that again for Christmas =)

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