Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laughing at myself

Sometimes it dawns on me that there are things I do unconsciously to save money.  One of them is that we only buy cheese pizza or we buy pizza with one topping if there's a special.  I think if I absolutely loved pizza, I would want to pay for extra toppings, but the kids love cheese pizza.  So, if we get extra toppings, then it just means that I will have to take them off for the kids =)  I suppose I got used to buying cheese pizza and foregoing the toppings.

But, now that I think about it, my mom never got many toppings for pizza when I was growing up.  She is a very frugal woman.  And as she told me this weekend--frugal to a fault =)  We didn't get pizza very often and when we did it was a big treat.

I wonder if it would be more of a treat for my kids if we didn't eat it as regularly as we do (probably 1-2x a month). =)

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