Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two New Cookbooks

I am very excited.  Two cookbooks are on their way that I will soon get to review.  One I requested because I have many friends with gluten or dairy allergies.  We do not have these allergies in our family, but I think that my body does not tolerate it well if I eat too much dairy.  I am hopeful that this might be a good one, or at least that it will have some good ideas.

The second cookbook, I'm especially excited about.  One of my favorite cookbooks is America's Test Kitchen's Family Cookbook.  Basically, it's a modernized Betty Crocker cookbook.  The basics are updated with more flavor and spice.  America's Test Kitchen is publishing a new Healthy Family Cookbook this month.  I am looking forward especially to see what they do in the baking recipes.  So often the substitutions people do are expensive or use artificial ingredients.

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