Thursday, March 10, 2011

2% Back

How many times have you been offered a Bj's, Costco, or Sam's Club Membership that will give you 2% back? The cashier will show you a total of how much you've spent this year and how much you would have earned if you had opted for that membership last year.

This year, I opted to sign up for Costco's Executive Membership--which costs $50 more than the basic membership.  They do guarantee that if you don't earn $50 back in your 2% that you can go in and they will refund you the $50.  But, it doesn't exactly work as you might expect... Or maybe you were expecting it.  I just wasn't.

I got my 2% refund in the mail for $16.93.  So, I went in and they gave me the remainder $33.07 in cash.  The refund is really a credit to be used at Costco.  I did need to renew my membership, so I opted to drop back to the basic membership, which costs $50.  The cashier accepted the refund check and the $33.07 I'd just received  to pay for next year's membership.

It was really interesting to me that this is how it worked out.  I'm thankful that it did, actually.  I won't be tempted again to say yes.

I think the saying is something like "when something seems too good to be true, it is".  That's marketing--good marketing makes something appealing.  It makes you want to commit and buy into an idea or product.

I'll be much more wary the next time I run into a similar proposition...

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  1. Hmm...good to know they have the guarantee. We always have gotten at least a $100 check, which covers our entire membership cost. But this year (without diapers and cleaners) I'm wondering what will happen.