Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Local News and Garage Sales

I love to garage sale.  It is my favorite hobby.  It is also the primary reason I've subscribed to our local newspaper for the past 7 years.  But, I realized recently how much the cost of that paper has gone up this year.  The paper used to cost $50/year.  Come this December, that rate will be $80/year.   Coincidentally, I noticed this summer that there haven't been that many garage sales listed in the paper through the summer (my primary reason for buying it).  Instead, people have been choosing to list them on Craigs List, which is free.

So, I went to my mom on Monday morning and asked her if she'd be okay if we cancelled our subscription. I emailed her a site where we can get our local news (here) for Harford County, Maryland.  I also discovered two sites that will search for the garage sales for me!  Here they are:  and

I feel bad for not supporting our local paper, but I realize that I have to accept that times are changing.  I always want to be careful with our budget and save money where I can!

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