Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tracking and Hacking

Last night, I watched something on youtube in several parts.  I have trusted youtube over other sites.  But, every time you're on the web, the reality is that there are risks.

Tonight, I was logging into one of my email accounts and I briefly saw a pathway flash through the toolbar.  It was a youtube pathway.  Red lights went off in my head.  So, I started a virus scan right away.  Then, I went into my browser settings and cleared all cookies and data.  Then, an interesting thing came up.  It said that there were 2 users on my computer.

2 users?  The second user had a funny name and a hamburger symbol next to it.  Hmmm...

I went to my husband and asked if he'd created it.  


So, I went ahead and deleted it.  

The internet is a scary place.  I'm praying and hoping that's all there is to this, but I'll be on my guard for a while.  My husband was just telling me last week how important it is to regularly change passwords and make sure information is secure.  I wish the world wasn't this way, but it is.  

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