Friday, February 22, 2013

Freezing doorway!

Yesterday, I went over to our front door and was surprised to feel how cold it was by the door.  I was so puzzled.  I caulked around the outside of the inside trim of the door last spring when I realized cold air was pouring in there.  I couldn't understand why it was so cold.  We have a storm door on the door and I'd caulked...  what else could be wrong?

I went over to the door and held my hand up to the door frame.  First, I put my hand around the outside of the trim.  No air coming in.

Then I put it up to the gap between the frame and the door.  

Air.  Air!!!  


I moved my hand around and discovered that the air was coming from where the trim meets the door frame. I wish I could draw a picture to illustrate....  but since I can't--picture an arch of the door trim around your door frame.  Last year, I caulked on the outside where the trim met the wall.  Now the air was still coming in where the trim meets the frame on the inside edge!

I pulled out a tube of clear caulk from the basement and quickly caulked all four edges where the trim meets the door frame.  

This morning I went over by the door frame.

It felt warm.  It felt WARM!  YIPPEE!

Caulk is a wonderful thing.  A very wonderful thing :)   

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