Monday, April 29, 2013

The Indestructible Coach Purse

My favorite part of garage saling is trying to fix something.  Once in a while I come home with something, though, that just can't be fixed.  I wondered if that was going to be the case earlier this week...

A few weeks ago, I bought a black coach purse at a garage sale for $3.  When I got it home, though, I realized that it smelled like cigarette smoke.  So, I threw it in the wash with some oxi-clean.  I know that sounds crazy.  I just didn't have anything to lose.  I washed it two more times, put baking soda inside it, and sprayed it with Ozium, a spray that usually takes away the smell of cigarette smoke.  It didn't work.  I was ready to give up.  Sometimes things just can't be fixed.

I had one last idea.  Several of my friends have told me about the smell that of sun-dried laundry.  I took the purse out and hung it on the jungle gym for a week.  Would it work?

It did!?!  It did!!  The washing had taken a little toll on the bag, so I pulled out a black sharpie marker to fill in along the edges.  You can't tell at all.  I am really surprised at how well the bag stood up to all that I put it through.  

Sometimes I think expensive purses, shoes, jewelry aren't worth it.  But, coach bags seem to really stand up.  I am thankful they've brought back their classic line of purses.  They don't all just have a flashy c on them anymore.  

Fixing something leaves me with a good feeling.  It means one less thing that's going to end up in a trash can somewhere.  Next time I'm going to try the sunshine before all of my other fixes!

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  1. I have a very similar one in cream! (My sister gave it to was a gift from an ex-boyfriend ;-)
    It's too small to use daily, but I am considering buying a bigger one (all leather, I agree about the fabric ones with the c's all over) because she replaced the one she gave me with a bigger one and its going on 8 years!! I have gone through several cheaper ones over the years.