Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Audio CDs for Kids

Last year, I took advantage of Lamplighter's 7 for $7 download sale.  My kids love to listen to cds--stories and music alike.  My 5 year old son has recently been listening to all sorts of things and I wanted to find some new additions for our collection.  

I find that I get frustrated at the local library because many of the audio recordings are contemporary books and the kids and I don't like how the characters talk to each other.  Hotel for Dogs is one such example.  The kids hid a lot from their parents and aunt.  They lied and did get in trouble--sort of.  The consequences were watered down at the end of the story and things still worked out perfectly--for the kids.  My girls just didn't like it very much.  

One recording artist that we've enjoyed in the past is Jim Weiss of GreatHall Productions.  We have four of his cds that have been listened to over and over.  Last year, I purchased three more that I found inexpensively used on Amazon.  This morning I went looking again to see if I could find anymore that would fit in our budget.  

What I discovered is that several of his productions can be downloaded as MP3s.  The cost varies between $3 and $9.  Most of them are $9, but one--Mystery! Mystery! for kids is only $3.  Arabian Nights is $4 on MP3 and the new one about women in the Civil War is only $6.  I just purchased Mystery! Mystery! and look forward to listening to it the next time we get in the car.  I haven't listened to it yet, but we have enjoyed all the rest of his recordings, so I'm sure we'll enjoy this one too!  

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