Friday, October 11, 2013

Facebook stuff to be aware of...

Facebook just isn't that private.  It's ironic that Facebook's founder seeks such privacy (purchasing the homes around his home so that they won't be bought up by developers) and yet heads up a company that takes away people's privacy little by little.  

I'd almost liken the way facebook is decreasing users' privacy to the way a frog dies in boiling water.  The water heats up little by little so that the frog doesn't know that he's in danger.  

One of my brother-in-laws made a good point last week at family dinner about facebook.  The people who use facebook often cry out about not receiving good customer service.  But, the catch is that the people who use facebook are not the customers of facebook--they are its product.  I thought this statement was very insightful, true, and important to keep in mind.  

Every once in a while, I miss facebook.  But, I still wouldn't go back.  I don't really have that much free time anyways...

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