Wednesday, January 1, 2014

After Christmas Sales

You might laugh at this admission, but this Christmas I actually thought about making sure I had a little money to spend after Christmas at the sales that come up.  I've noticed that there's often some very good sales around this time of year.  

My purchases this year were...
Some tissue paper (50cents for 24 sheets) at Walgreens.
An light triggered switch for our lights with two plugs to replace the one we had been using ($5) at Target. 
A gift for my mother in law down the road for $4 at ShopRite (Grocery Stores often have great deals!)
Treat bags for cookies next Christmas for 50cents at ShopRite as well...  

And about it.  My husband made the point to me that we have a lot coming up and that sometimes buying ahead isn't always the wisest thing to do.  I agree.  If I'm shopping for an event very far off, I might forget that I've purchased something or purchase something else additionally because I didn't remember!

But, today, I found one deal to purchase for my girls this winter for sick in bed days and too cold to go outside days...  On, Seasons 1, 2, and 3 or Road to Avonlea are $9.99 each.  And there's a free shipping code available through Jan. 3rd if you purchase more than $35.  If you go to Retailmenot, they have a code you can copy and paste.  Normally, it's always between $45 and $60 a season.  I've never actually seen it go on sale and I've been watching because my girls really enjoy it.  I love it too and watched all 7 seasons when we used to have a Netflix subscription.  It's hard to find shows I feel really comfortable with them watching and this is one of the good ones!

Anyways, just wanted to pass that along...

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