Friday, January 31, 2014

Great Kitchen Scale

For years, I've had a cheap, plastic Progressive scale.  No electronics.  I twist the outer disk to adjust for the bowl I'm measuring in.  I can really only measure to ounces.  No half ounce business.

That's where a digital scale is nice.  If you are making anything that really requires precision, then a digital scale would be the handiest thing in the world!  This scale is light and easy to store.  The bowl feels very thin to me---but that has its advantages.  If you've measured something in it and need to tip it up to scoop into the bowl you're mixing in, then this is an easy bowl to lift up and manage!  Especially if you're a lone cook.  It's easy to lift up a bowl and scrape out of it when you're cooking in tandem with a friend.  But, if it's just you,
you need to make accommodations.  One of those would be using a bowl and scale like this one.

As for how easy it is to use... Press the on button to turn it on, and hold it down to turn it off.  To reset the scale for a dish you're measuring into, press the on button again and it will recalibrate.  I liked this process.  It was easy and hands free.  It was also exact (unlike my well used and loved older scale).  

My only concern about this scale is the cost.  If you like the appeal of the lightweight stainless bowl, then this would be a nice scale to purchase.  If not and you have a lightweight bowl you can use, then I'd recommend Mira Brands' less expensive scale.   I'd give it 4 stars (on a scale of 5) because of the price on Amazon.  I'd give the scale itself 5 stars. 

Please note that I received a complimentary scale for review.

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