Tuesday, April 1, 2014

End of the Story

Dell called again last night.  

I almost didn't answer.  But, I did.  The man on the phone explained that I hadn't received the $50 because I needed to speak to a particular department.  I explained to him that I already had and then I calmly explained the rest of the story.  He asked me to stay on hold.  I did while I was cooking dinner.  He came back on and asked if he would like me to call me back instead.  I said was fine.  

An hour later... he called back with the other person on the line.  Then, that person had to call me right back, then the first person had to call me back... I was calm.  I wasn't offended.  But, I was ready to be done.

Really?!  My husband told me to tell them not to call back again.  He was done.

But, it was finally done after several phone calls to me.  I am shocked at how much time I spent on the phone over a little laptop.  Lesson learned.  But, what lessons did I learn?

#1 Don't buy from Dell online.  

But, more importantly #2
Consider my time.  Ask myself, What battle am I fighting?  Who am I fighting with?  Is this someone I should be fighting with?  What do I think I'm entitled to?  Am I entitled to whatever that is?  Does it all come down to an expectation that life should be easier?  Or has God provided?  Then it's time to leave it to the Lord.  

I fought.  Made my case.  Then let it go.  Winning anything from Dell or arguing with them wasn't going to make me a better person.  It wasn't going to give me more peace.  Only trusting in God can do that.

I realize that I often totally buy into our culture's idea that life should be easy.  But, that isn't at all what God promises.  

There's some interesting food for thought in Today's Adventures in Odyssey episode HERE.  The name of the episode is: The fifth house on the left, parts 1 and 2.  I'm glad my kids are listening to it and I look forward to talking to them about it.

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