Thursday, January 7, 2016


Tomorrow I'm having dental surgery.  Ugh.  Double Ugh--if there is such a thing.  My mom called yesterday and encouraged me to eat what I wanted today.  So, I did.  Sort of.  I had apple waldorf salad while on the run during a busy day.  We went to Mexican food for dinner.  And then I came home to have some chocolates for dessert.  But, I didn't have just any chocolates.  They were special.

I found a treasure today when I was shopping at Aldi.  As I was walking down the aisle between the produce and leftover Christmas candy, I paused.  My oldest daughter had seen something that caught her eye.  And then my eye caught something as well....

A few years ago, a friend of my husband's gave him two chocolates that she'd brought home with her from a recent vacation to Italy.  They were called Witor's Noir.  I loved them!  So, I looked all over the internet to try and find them, but I couldn't find anywhere that I could order them.  World Market had them--I even went to a store an hour and a half away (when I was in the area) to try and find them!  Then, a friend gave my mom a few chocolates and she shared one with me.  I was so shocked to discover that the chocolate she gave me was the same brand that I'd been looking for.  I called the woman who gave her the chocolates and she explained that she had found them at BJ's.  So, a week later, I headed over to the store and tried--in vain--to find them.  No luck.  I asked at the front counter and was informed by a clerk that they'd been out of them for several weeks.  I was so disappointed!  At that point, I gave up.  I searched online a little bit more and discovered that these chocolates had also been sold at Costco, so of course I checked there as well.  Again, none were to be found.

But, today, in the middle of the Christmas candy display at Aldi, there they were!  I was shocked with disbelief!  On my cell phone, I called the woman who gave them to my mom long ago to alert her--and she was thankful for my call.  Then, I bought three packages and brought them home.  

I opened one up tonight and they were very good, just as I had hoped.  I know it may sound crazy to go to such lengths to find something and then not find it.  But, it's fun to go looking for something.  Finding the chocolates today was such an unexpected blessing from the Lord amidst the stress of anticipating my surgery tomorrow!  

So, just in case you ever happen to come across these chocolates in your corner of the world and you wonder if they are any good...

They are!

On one final note, I found this picture on Amazon.  It turns out that you can now buy them there--for $25 for 2 packages.  When I was at Aldi this afternoon, one package only cost $3 (regularly $4).  I'm not quite sure that one package would be worth $12.50, but I think I probably would have paid $8 for a package because they are 12 oz. packages.


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