Sunday, January 31, 2016

Girls Jeans

I think that children can be as hard to shop for as adults!  Neither of my girls liked to wear jeans when they were younger, but somewhere in the last two years they made the switch.  They both now wear jeans most of the time.  My middle daughter fits into skinny style jeans and loves them.  My older daughter on the other hand likes a bootcut jean.  

A few weeks ago, we headed into Old Navy and took a look at their jeans.  Autumn found a pair for $20 (of course the ones that actually fit her weren't on sale!) and they felt so thin.  I've noticed that Old Navy's quality has steadily declined over the past ten years.  

So, we headed to Target next.  I found a pair of bootcut jeans that fit her great for $12.99--not on sale.

Lastly, we checked out the jeans at Walmart.  For $6.97, Autumn found a second pair of jeans that fit her just as well.  

I've already washed both pairs and they both still fit her (minimal shrinkage it seems when washed on cold and put in the dryer).  Yay!  

It was surprising to me that the jeans at both Walmart and Target felt the same.  Neither were what I'd call a heavy jean.  They were both mid-weight.  But, neither of them felt like they would rip the first time she falls.  

When I need to buy clothes for my kids, convenience wins out and Target is my store of choice.  I'm thankful that the quality of their clothes is as good as it is!

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  1. I am glad Target works for you. They do have decent quality and prices. My girls have a hard time finding clothes at Target. They all seem to be cut a little too slim for them. Abby has better luck, but even she has to hunt. Sami actually finds the best fit at Justice, of all places. Just have to find a sale and coupons. Or a willing grandmother ;)