Monday, February 8, 2016

Dishwasher Soap

For years, I've bought dishwasher soap at Costco.  But, I realized earlier this year that the Costco near me stopped carrying the Kirkland brand of dishwasher soap.  I had two choices:  buy the more expensive bottle of Cascade or find another alternative...  I was concerned about 2 things-- price and how well they the soap would clean my dishes!

So, I started trying to figure out the best deal.  I watched the target ads and local grocery store ads.  I checked Wegman's store brand and Aldi's.  I didn't want to deal with coupons if I could help it.  I discovered as I searched that Wegman's store brand cost $3.50 for 75 oz. and Aldi cost $2.50 for 75 oz.

I started by using the Aldi bottle and it has worked great.  I wish I had switched a long time ago!  I do use Finish rinse with the soap, but I always had to use it with the Kirkland brand in order for my dishes to get cleaned without spots.

Comparative savings:
Costco brand:  2 bottles of 116 oz. each
I remember paying $11 or $12 for the 2 bottles.

Aldi:  $2.50 for 75 oz.
Smaller bottle, easier to store under the sink

For $10, I could purchase 300 oz. Aldi dishwasher soap or 232 oz. Costco brand.

I'm so thankful to have found a solution that cleans my dishes that is less expensive--without coupons!

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