Friday, February 12, 2016

No longer free...

For several years now, I've traveled over to Donna Young's website for various calendars and organization forms.  But, today I discovered that none of the forms are free on her site anymore.  She has switched to subscription based access which costs $25 or $40 per year.

If you're interested in calendar forms of this type, I'd recommend Mom's Tool Belt instead, though. What I like about her site better is that it's a lifetime membership.  She adds new yearly calendars each year.  I've always been able to find the organization forms that I need.  This doesn't give you access to the notebooking pages she has done which are on (lifetime membership on that site is $97).   So far, I've always been able to find free notebooking pages for what I need on other sites. Notebooking isn't our primary approach to homeschooling, so I only use pages like these on rare occasions.

I have to admit that I'm bummed Donna Young's site isn't free at all anymore...

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