Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Annoying phone calls...

95% of the phone calls we get on our landline are junk calls.  It is very, very annoying.  Yesterday, I called our phone provider to inquire about breaking the contract for our phone line.  The fee was more than I was ready for (of course), so I asked what I could do about these annoying phone calls.  Here's what I learned...

#1  You have to re-register on the Do Not Call list every year.  EVERY YEAR!  Here's a link to the site:

#2  That list is updated quarterly.  QUARTERLY!  So, if you register in January, your number won't be on the list until the end of March :(  Better late than never...

#3  I could change our phone number... but that invites other kinds of issues.  Who knows?  The person who had that number previously might have been getting even more junk calls than I do now!
#4  Verizon has a Call Block Feature on their app/website.  I need to write down the frequently calling wrong numbers and simply go into the site/app and record them.

#5  My phone has a call block feature.  I've been lazy and haven't used it.  Today I started using it.  I looked up the directions online and it was simpler than I had realized.

Basically, I learned that if I want to get rid of these calls I will need to be proactive in blocking them.

When our current contract is up, I can switch the physical phone I use, discontinue our landline, and get a link2cell phone which will allow my kids to talk on the phone via my cell phone line.

Any other ideas about how I can get rid of these nuisance calls???

Post script... The phone just rang.   Then, I saw the screen.  Call blocked.  CALL BLOCKED!  Yippee!  One down, many more to go... he he he.  But, I have hope!

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