Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Alert

I got quite the surprise this morning when I tried to go on Facebook.  I was kicked off of it!  They disabled my account.  I think what happened is that I did not attach my primary email, but rather my secondary email, to facebook--for obvious reasons I'm sure y'all understand.  So a few months back, I opened an account with my maiden name to check on who had gone searching for my name on facebook.  I believe this was a violation--which I had no idea of until this morning when they disable the account I use.  Obviously, I wasn't trying to do anything wrong, but my what a surprise.  Somehow, they figured out that I had done that.  When I think about how they did that, it makes me anxious.

Here's the kicker--in order to get my account back or rather--to apply to have my account reactivated, I have to upload and send them a copy of my federal id.  Obviously, I am NOT going to do this.  So, NO more facebook for me.  I'm sure God has a plan for this for me, which probably includes more time in my day that I was spending on Facebook.

What scares me is how much information they were able to take away from me because of a violation they thought I had made--I had no notice or warning!  I posted yesterday a picture of my daughter on her fifth birthday.  They took all of my pictures and information away from me.  I almost feel as if my identity was stolen by Facebook.  So, please be careful my friends about Facebook--you truly never, ever know what they are going to do to your account!  Please pass this message along to any friends you'd like to.

This feels really yucky.  I have been very antsy about Facebook these past few months and I guess now I have a clue as to why.  Please pass this alert on to warn your friends about what Facebook can do!


  1. My account also was disabled without any warning on Tues November 16. As a SAHM I used my Facebook account to keep in touch with family and friends. The only plausible reason I can think of for them shutting down my account is I used my maiden name as my middle name (since their profile does not have a way to capture this). I think it's ridiculous how they come to these conclusions that it's a fake identity and the actions they take without verifying anything. Like you I dislike the fact that they have my photos - if I had a warning I would have removed these. The worst part is I had just recently reconnected with an old friend and now don't have her contact information. My word of warning is to make sure that you have contact information outside of facebook for anyone that you may have reconnected with that you want to remain in touch with.

  2. I felt the same way. I did find a list of reasons why they will delete people. I didn't know that until this year, homeschoolers couldn't join because they didn't have a school ?!? That's what I'm working on, too--getting contact info for everyone outside of Facebook.