Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going On a Hunt...

Tonight I went on a hunt for a birthday gift for my daughter Sami.  We had already decided we were going to get her the Belle dress for her Princess and Me doll and a Radio Flyer scooter like her sister Autumn had gotten for her birthday.  So, I started out with Toys R Us.  No luck.  It retails for $60 in the store.  So, I ran across the street to Target.  Still no luck, but the price on the shelf for it was $52.99.  So, I ran to the other Target 10 minutes away.  Again, no luck =(  Goodness!  A gal at Awanas suggested checking online even though it won't get here by her birthday.

I started with Walmart:  $54 (free site to store shipping)
Then Target $64.99! (free shipping)
Finally, Toys R Us:  $47.99 (shipping:  $9 for a total of $57).

Surprisingly, I think I'm going to opt for the Toys R Us online option.  I just don't have the time to call Toys R Us and wait until it comes in.  I'd like to get it from Walmart, but for $3, I think I'll save myself the running around and have it shipped to our house where Sami can open it up when it comes.

I'm really shocked that the price varried so much between the three stores--and that the stores varied so much from their online prices.  I'll definitely be checking around when Christmas comes!

Post Script...  We went out on Thursday and found the scooter in stock at the other Toys R Us near us.  We opted to pay the $60 so that we would have it for her birthday on Monday.  I wish I had planned farther ahead and had been able to take advantage of the savings online.  But, sometimes that just isn't possible.

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