Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rod and Staff

I have heard about Rod and Staff's curriculum over the past few years.  I had never seen any of it though.  I happen to purchase almost all of my curriculum online and that is why.

Rod and Staff is a mennonite publisher of homeschool curriculum.  You cannot order directly from them online.  You can order through various other homeschool suppliers (who act as a middleman) or you can contact Rod and Staff directly.  

Rod and Staff is a very simple, straight forward curriculum.  It is largely black and white.  It sticks close to the Anabaptist value of simplicity.  If you are interested in this curriculum, you can send them a letter at this address: PO Box 3, 14193 Hwy. 172, Crockett, KY 41413 or phone them at 606/522-4348 to request a sample of their curriculum and a scope and sequence.  

I am glad to have received and looked at their samples.  I am realizing that my daughters and I tend to be very visual.  The formatting and color of the pages I'm reading affect my enjoyment of them and my tendency to want to read them or not!  Rod and Staff's curriculum is also written for folks who are Anabaptist.  The Anabaptists lead very different lives than we do and are preparing for a very different future than my children are.  So, I don't think Rod and Staff is for us.  But, it is a very affordable choice for curriculum ($191 for all subjects for 3rd grade).  I have heard good things from friends who've used the curriculum for various subjects.  

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