Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unexpected Magazine

A few days ago, the mailman delivered an issue of People Magazine to my mailbox.  It was a surprise since I don't subscribe to People.  The name on the magazine was not mine, but it was my exact address.  It wasn't a misdelivery.  So, I called People.  The customer service agent found the subscription order (which of course was not prepaid) and cancelled it.  She said I would receive a bill under the false name, but to disregard it.  There would be a 0 balance on their end.  

Whew.  It was strange.  But, it made me realize that I need to pay attention to all mail that comes to my house--even if I think it might be a mistake.  Identity Theft comes many forms, I guess...  I think this is a case of address theft?

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