Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trash and Treasures

Sometimes when I garage sale I find treasures and sometimes trash and sometimes a mixture of the two.  This past Saturday I set out to find a 5 disc cd changer for my husband.  

We made our way through the morning but hadn't seen any stereo components.  I finally found a cd changer at a garage sale.  Usually, I look closely at things, but for some reason I didn't this time.  Honestly, I simply forgot to inspect it closely.  I paid the gal for it and set off for home.

When I got it home, my husband discovered that it was missing the two pads for the front of the unit and had some scratches on top of the unit.  I realized my error and felt badly for it.  I set off to the garage to find something to use in place of the missing pads.  In the garage I found something I had placed in a box a few weeks ago when I replaced the toilet seat in our upstairs bathroom.  For some reason, I had decided to keep the two plastic pieces that go under the seat and hold it in place.  They happened to be the perfect size for the 5 disc changer.

  It turns out that though the cd changer was not in mint condition, it plays wonderfully.  My husband now has a five-disc changer for our receiver upstairs for which I paid $5.  But, I was reminded of one lesson that I need to remember--Always inspect before purchasing. 


  1. You're like a real life, female, MacGyver! You always amaze me with what you find at yard sales.

  2. Thank you my friend :) I do like MacGyver a lot! I always thought he came up with the coolest contraptions! ;)