Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When my husband and I first got married, I started making enchiladas.  I grew up in Southern California eating a lot of Mexican food.  Usually my family ate tacos, though, not enchiladas.  My husband and I found that we enjoyed them a lot.  Then, we realized that the sauce I was using (from a can) had MSG in it.  

No more enchiladas for us.  

It was only a few years ago when my husband gave me the America's Test Kitchen Family cookbook.  I found that it had an easy enchilada sauce in it.  I found this recipe online that includes the sauce I make:
For a filling, I often use ground beef sauteed with minced onion and cheddar cheese, or chicken, black beans, and cheese (jack or cheddar).  

To make the sauce, I saute the onion in the oil.  Then, I add everything for the sauce to my Vitamix blender.  Since it spins it so fast, it cooks the sauce.  If you're using a regular blender, just blend the ingredients and then add them back to a saucepan to cook for about 5 minutes before you use the sauce.  

I find that this is a very mild sauce (use mild chili powder) and my kids will eat it.  They actually enjoy dipping tortilla chips in it too.  I'm so thankful enchiladas are back on our family menu!

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