Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thoughts on Netflix

Yesterday, I received the mass email that Netflix sent out about raising their monthly rates for current subscribers come September 1, 2011.  When Blockbuster closed most of their stores and discontinued their monthly watching service, I knew Netflix didn't have much competition.  So, when I got the email about the increased prices, citing of course increased costs, I just wasn't surprised.  When Hulu changed their movie service to a fee for service, I also wasn't surprised.  Everybody wants a bigger profit.

But, the reality is this: Netflix is a want not a need.  The plan I was on will increase from $10 a month to $16 a month.  I have known all along that Netflix is a time and attention sucker for me.  In a way, the rate increase was a blessing to me because it forced my hand.  It compelled me to do something I probably should have done a long time ago.  

I cancelled my subscription.  

One thing Netflix seems to be forgetting is that most networks broadcast their shows weekly on the internet the day after the television airing.  So, both shows I watch through the summer can be seen on the internet--for free.  

When NPR reported the rate increase this morning, I was pleased that it was getting coverage.  The reporter even interviewed an analyst who explained that Netflix was basically doing this out of a desire for greater profit, because they have no competition.  The man basically confirmed what I had immediately thought when I received the email yesterday.  

My husband pulled back from watching movies several months ago.  We also cancelled our cable service back in March.  This move on my part will be good for me.  I will be more efficient with my time on the computer and less distracted.  That extra time will be time I can spend doing the things I should be doing rather than being wasted by watching on the internet.  And one blessing is that I will be saving money to boot!

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