Thursday, August 18, 2011

Confessions of a Sugar-Loving Mom

Two or three weeks ago, I wrote that I was going to cut sugar out of my diet.  I did...for a few days.  I continued to ponder it and decrease my daily sugar intake, but I didn't continue to cut it out completely.  I like sugar!

Almost two weeks ago, I was among friends and our kids.  The occasion was a beautiful day and a picnic at one  friend's house.  The other gals had the discipline to forgo half of an Eskimo Pie for dessert.  I didn't.  I never buy Eskimo Pies.  They were a treat to me.  So, I chose to have half of one as my dessert for the day.  I felt bad because my friends and I had been discussing forgoing sugar...  And there I was eating half an Eskimo Pie!  Ay Ay Ay!  

After talking with my husband, I've been trying to eat sugar in moderation.  If I cut it out completely, I am afraid I will crave it all the more.  If I'm able to choose a dish that has less sugar in it, I am.  I've cut back the sugar in my coffee and I still drink it before anything sweet in the morning--even yogurt.  I've also been taking acidophilus pills because a friend said she had greater success with those than with eating yogurt.  

So, that's me.  I needed to confess to you that sugar is a weakness of mine--but I'm trying.  I respect my friends who are much stronger than me and were able to forgo the Eskimo Pies!

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