Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a difference paint can make

The biggest reason I like painting is that I feel like I've done something when it's done.  
Hallway before painting
This was our hallway before painting.  The light blue paint made the ceiling look blue.  It was a long, blue cave.  I found a nice green and painted the hallway.  But, it turned out to look just like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I couldn't actually bear to take a picture, so I didn't.  
Hallway after (2nd) painting
After having the green up for a week, my husband and I couldn't bear it.  So, I chalked the paint up as a  loss and went with a less expensive paint to go over it.  I had two different friends mention to me that friends of theirs had chosen greens that hadn't worked out.  Greens, I discovered, are tricky.  In some rooms, they can be great.  But, if the lighting isn't conducive, they can also be very unsettling.
Doorway Pre-Painting

Doorway after (2nd) Painting
Arch after painting
One friend passed on the advice that it's very important to consider how the paint colors of a room transition to the other rooms that can be seen from them.  The tan I chose had a similar tone to the blue of the dining room, so they go well together.

Now, on to the bathrooms (when I get well)!

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  1. I like the color. It seems very warm and inviting. good Job!