Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When not to paint

I am sick.  Really sick.  I started getting sick on Sunday and by yesterday afternoon I knew I was really getting sick.  I couldn't get off the couch.  My husband is away, but my mom and girls are taking care of me.  

But, then there's me.  Sometimes I just get a bee in my bonnet.  

There's one spot in the living room behind the bookcase that needed painting.  So, crazy me, decided to move the books with the little energy I had and paint behind the bookcase.  Part of the reason I did it was because it has been intimidating to me.  When something is intimidating to me, I just make myself do it.  

I put the primer on last night and then in the middle of the night put the first coat of paint on.  I discovered that painting while you're sick is not a good idea.  I dropped a lot more on the floor and somehow my hands ended up covered in paint (which I discovered this morning).  It's quite funny really.  I have this dogged determination to get that room painted!  It's one of those moments when all I can do is laugh at myself.

My new advice to myself:  Don't paint when I'm sick.

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