Friday, April 13, 2012

Lowe's and Home Depot Ads

At our old house, I used to get these great coupons periodically from Lowe's in the mail, like "save $10 off $50 purchase".  Honestly, I'd save up my optional purchases for when I got one of these coupons.  I wondered this morning if I could get signed up at our new house, so I scoured their website. It took me a little bit of searching, but I did find it.   I found that you can sign up for their mailings here:
This will create an online account for you to get emails and then once you're in that account, you can add your home information for mailings.

Home Depot's site only offers an email list sign up for their Garden club and ad (which is great if you don't have a newspaper subscription.  On the side of their site, there is a place where you can sign up for their emails.  I signed up a month or two ago and have already received 2 e-coupons for $5 off of $50.  It isn't much, but it is something and when it comes to equipment or plants everything seems to add up very quickly!

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