Thursday, December 27, 2012

BBQ Pork Tacos and other Cooking Notes

A while back, I posted the recipe I used to make pork tacos.  A friend made it and it didn't turn out as she had hoped.  Her cooking experience made me realize a few things that would be wise to mention...

For the pork taco recipe, I would recommend adjusting the amount of sauce to how much meat you cook.  With BBQ pork, I like to have lots of sauce, but with pork tacos, you want enough to give it flavor, but not make it "saucy".  I have to admit that I cook by how things look.  I am not a very exact cook.  I throw things together and make adjustments as needed.  I recommended starting with 1/2 a recipe of sauce, but if that seems like it will be a lot (mix the sauce outside of the pan where the pork is), then only add part of what you've made.  

When I post a recipe, I try to note all of the changes I've made, but my meat measurements are approximate--  My mom told me that it's because I was a camp cook (and head cook) for 4 summers, worked at a deli, and then at a restaurant.  I do things fast.  That's my goal.  It's been my primary goal for the past 9 years since my first daughter was born.  There's always something else that needs my attention when I'm cooking--besides my cooking!

Here's another example of how I cook.  It was interesting to watch my husband cut the pork for mu shu last Saturday night.  He was precise and accurate.  Every piece of pork and chicken was exactly the same, slender size.  This is is how he and I are different.  I joked with my mom afterwards about how I would have done it.  chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop---  quick and fast.  The pieces wouldn't have all been the same size or thickness, but it would have worked.  I appreciate my husband very much and admire that he enjoys cooking this way.  

It's just different than me.  

I thought I'd explain this for future reference in case one of my recipes that I post doesn't turn out as you'd hoped.  Comment or please email me--I like to share my recipes, but I want them to work!

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