Monday, January 28, 2013

Crummy Food Processor...

I have had 4 food processors over the past 18 years.  3 cuisinart, 1 kitchenaid.  My favorite was my 12 cup kitchenaid that I gave away when we bought a Vitamix.  I miss it.  I missed it so much I decided to purchase this 7 cup cuisinart on Black Friday after Thanksgiving.  Tonight, I'm sitting her regretting the purchase.  Normally, I am not so sharply critical of an appliance, but I am so saddened by the newer design features of this cuisinart that make it so difficult to use.

What do I like to use it for?  
1)  Hummus--this doesn't get it as smooth as my other food processors did in the past.
2)  Shredding carrots.  It works okay, but the chute is so small that only one carrot goes through at a time and I had to remove the lid often to take off pieces that got stuck.
3)  Shredding cheese.  This is what I've done before and did tonight.  With this cuisinart, it's a disaster!  The oval part of the chute must be in in order for the machine to work.  That leaves a very small opening (the older ones weren't like this).  I had to cut the cheese into small pieces to begin with.  Tonight I had to hold the lid on with one hand, put the cheese into the chute and then press down on the round plunger at the same time.  The cheese continually got stuck.  I was about ready to throw it out the window by the time I was done.  

It's just not worth it.  And I don't think my shoulders would like me.  I'm going to go back to using my sharp knives, my vitamix, and buying hummus.  This cuisinart is going in the basement until I figure out what to do with it.  I was really hoping that this appliance would be like my old one and it just isn't.  

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