Friday, March 15, 2013

"Not so" free return shipping

Free return shipping sounds like an awesome thing.  It makes it sound like you can purchase something and return it if it's the wrong size, then get the right size sent to you--all for free.  Well...

not exactly.  

Or at least that's what I discovered yesterday.  I have really only returned things to Amazon.  Amazon does send free return shipping labels if an item was damaged in delivery.  If I receive something from a third party seller who is selling on Amazon, usually the return shipping cost falls with me.  

Yesterday, I had to return my husband's boots to Revzilla, a motorcycle apparel company.  Their customer service is easy to deal with.  But, I learned something important in the process.  The initial shipping to us is free and when they receive the returned item, the will send the replacement size for free.  BUT, the shipping to return the item to Revzilla is not free.  If you speak to their customer service, you can pay $7.45 and they will email a prepaid UPS shipping label.  

Zappos is another site that offers free returns.  But, on their website they specify that they will pay for the return shipping.  

So, the lesson I learned is to read the fine print!  Some return is shipping is free and some is not.  In this case, Revzilla was kind enough to give us a free return shipping label because this was the first time we had returned something to them.  

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