Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great Sandals

Earlier this summer, I bought a pair of Merrell sandals on sale at REI.  I know so many people who have cranky feet, including me!  My feet like Merrells and Doc Martens.  Unfortunately, they're expensive.  I haven't bought a pair of Doc Martens in years.  I have the same two pairs that I've had for thirteen years.  I can find Merrells on sale sometimes.  I look at Marshalls, the Merrell outlet (which is not that much of a savings) and at REI at their clearance sales online.

I thought the sandals I bought would be on my feet all summer.  I was wrong.  I actually received a pair of sandals as a hand me down from one of my mom's friends that I like better!  

These are the sandals: 
They're called Dawgs.  The best price on them is at Target online.  They're $25 and come in a lot of different colors.  I've been wearing them for a month and love them.  They stay on so easily.  I wear size 8 1/2 shoes and the pair I have are 8s and they fit perfectly.  I do have flat feet, so I need something without arch support.  I couldn't find them the past week because they got pushed under my bed in a corner.  So, I was glad to find them yesterday morning and slip them back on!  

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