Monday, September 2, 2013

Where's the time?

Last night, we had my mother in law, brother in law, and mom over for dinner. I fixed some great Chicken enchiladas .  I tried a new recipe from 400 Best Comfort Foods (the recipe can be found here, but it's a download :( ).  I actually don't have to review this cookbook. I just picked it up for $2 used for fun.  But, this recipe is a keeper.  If I find more that I really like, I will write a post about it...  

But, back to last night and "time".  As we were cleaning up from dinner, there was some leftover corn to put away.  My mom asked me if I wanted the corn and suggested cutting it off the cob.  But, I have discovered that I run out of time when it comes to leftover corn.  My family does not like leftover corn on the cob left on the cob.  If I cut it off the cob, then they will eat it when it is reheated. 

I looked at her and encouraged to take it.  I knew I would run out of time.  She replied, "Good for you." She smiled and I knew she understands me well.  I always take on more than I can handle.  I squeeze things in.  I almost always say yes to my family and friends.  I love to help people.  

But, sometimes it's the little things that can push me over the edge of how much I can handle.  They're good things.  Like not wasting corn and cutting it off the cob so it will get eaten and not discarded.  So, I need to say no when I can.  

I also knew it wouldn't get wasted if I sent it home with my mom.  She has the time to cut it off the cob and enjoy it.  

Saving money can become a heavy burden if it consumes time one doesn't have.  I always remember the advice I read in a financial advice for moms several years ago...  Choose what you do with your time based on what saves you the most money.  There are little money savers that end up saving you only a few pennies. But, there are other activities (like ironing) that save many dollars in the same amount of time.  When one only has a little time, we have to choose wisely what we'll do with it.

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