Sunday, September 22, 2013

Making Milk Shakes

At lunch today, my husband began talking about how he would really like a good milk shake.  He said that the best one he'd had recently was at Cold Stone Creamery.  (I know he's also had shakes at Chik-fil-a and Jake's Wayback Burgers in recent months.)  He then went on to say that we've never really been able to make them well at home.

Well, then!

That's my challenge and my cue.  I was determined to be a good "milk shake maker".  Now, what my husband actually likes are not "milk shakes", but "thick shakes" or "frappes".  A milk shake is made of milk, flavoring, and a little ice cream.  A thick shake, aka thick milk shake, aka frappe is made of ice cream, flavoring, and a little milk.  A good thick shake should be drinkable and shouldn't separate after being made. Ah...

I found a recipe for a Mocha Chcolate Frappe and went from there...  

Here's what I came up with.

Recipe for Mint Chocolate Chocolate Frappe   

2 cups Mint Cookies and Cream Turkey Hill Frozen Yogurt--you can use any flavor you'd like for your shake, but I wouldn't choose anything with big chunks in it.
1/3 cup (use a dry measuring cup) of half chocolate syrup and half milk

Put the liquid in the bottom of the blender.  Then, put the ice cream on top.  I have a Vitamix blender.  So, I start it on low.  Then, turn up the speed really slowly.  I didn't get past 5 on low.  I just let it mix.  

I learned a few things that I did differently this time.  
#1  Mix on low (!!), otherwise the ice cream becomes one big clump and locks up.  
#2  The ratio of milk to ice cream needs to be right--and it's much lower than I thought it was!
#3  Frozen yogurt does make a lighter thick shake than you'll get at Cold Stone and I think it's just as good.

My family's verdict?  

Yes, mommy can indeed make a decent thick shake--actually not just decent, but a very good one!  My family was very pleased with the outcome of my endeavor.

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