Friday, November 22, 2013

Price Matching This Christmas

My kids, like most kids their age, love legos and my girls have been getting into Lego Friends.  I learned something interesting today that I wanted to pass on!  Last winter there were no sales on Lego Friends.  This line was always excluded.  But, this year they are being included!  Yay! 

This week, in particular, the sales are better than they have been the past two weeks on Legos (on both Lego City and Lego Friends).  My girls had some birthday money and wanted to purchase a set together, so I looked around online and found a set for $37 at Toys 'R Us online.  I had discovered two weeks ago that the online price, though, is often different than the in store price.  You can however, purchase online and pick up at the store (!) with Toys R Us.  I didn't think we'd run into an issue, so I didn't order it online and just went to Toys R Us in person.

We went to Toys 'R Us and found the set out of stock.  So, we tried the nearby Target--again, out of stock.  I told them we may just have to order it online...  Anyways, I went without them to return something else this evening and checked to see if it was at a store closer to us (which is the store we always go to).  It was in stock.  I didn't know what the price match policy was, so I went up to the front counter.  The gal at the counter had a tablet and said that she could match Target's online price--if it is in stock.  It wasn't.  So, I told her the price was at Toys 'R Us and she found it there in stock so she was able to price match it!  Yay!  The instore price of the set at Target was $47.  So, it was a big difference.  I was also able to use the $5 off Lego coupon that you can find on the Target site.  And my 5% off coupon from my pharmacy rewards :)  

So, this is what I learned.  Even if you don't have a smart phone (like me) the folks at Target have tablets at the Customer Service Counter.  They will price match to their site,, or Toys R  I think you have to know where to ask them to check when you go in, but I was so glad to know that they will do it!   I know a lot of people have smart phones and can show the price on their phones and I was worried the store wouldn't be able to help me.  But, they were after all!

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