Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stinky Washing Machine

We've been in our new home for two years and I still miss my old washing machine.  I loved it.  It was a top loading washing machine.  When not in use, I left the top open and I never had an issue with a smell.  It got my clothes so clean!  Less water and less energy.  

In our new home, the laundry is stacked and is placed in our now tv room.  It used to be my son's room.  We can't move it to the basement, so it has to stay where it is.  

I have been battling this washing machine and the smell in it for two years.  I had to keep the door shut because the door opens into the machine and I didn't want to break the swinging door (it has a huge plexiglass or glass panel in the center of it).  Sometimes I'd leave it open anyways, but worry about the door.
Unfortunately, the swinging door is also always shut and so it traps moisture in the room.  

I've tried Tide's washing machine cleaner repeatedly, but the smell would come back within a day or two.  

Finally, this week, I thought of placing something tall enough to block the door from swinging wide open (but staying open) to let the air in.  We also have had a room dehumidifier in the room for three months now that I was so grateful to find brand new at a garage sale for $4!  What a blessing!  I paid full price for the identical one that we have in our bedroom.  The only downside of this dehumidifier is that the lid on the bottom part of the water container doesn't come out, so I can't clean it if needed.
The smell is finally, finally gone!  That's the thing I've found about high efficiency washers--the lids need to stay open in order to dry out.  I don't know why they're different than the old ones, but I'm sure there's a reason that has to do with the way they work.  I'm just thankful.  Propping the door is easy enough.  I just needed to think about it!

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