Monday, February 17, 2014

Burger King...Just Not What it Used To Be

This is just my opinion.  That's all it is.  I have these memories of liking Burger King's hamburgers.  I remember liking their fish sandwich.

I don't like them anymore.  Last night, my husband wanted a hamburger.  You know when you are sick and you just need to eat what you're willing to eat because you don't want to eat anything.  That's where we were at last night. So, I headed off to Burger King.  

Bad choice...

We've really gotten used to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries' burgers--which are quite good!  A newly transplanted San Diegoan told me recently at the local sporting goods store that he thinks they're actually better than In-n-out's burgers (which is hard for me to believe), but in my book that reminds me that they really are good.  Unfortunately, that's a 20 minute drive for me and I wasn't going to brave potential black ice on the roads for a 5 guys burger.  

So, I headed to Burger King and picked up a Big King for my husband (akin to a McDonald's Big Mac and a fish sandwich to me).  The price was right--2 for $5, but the food was so disappointing.  I think my husband's was okay--not great, but okay.  My fish sandwich was almost horrible.  I threw almost half of it away.  And the new french fries--well, they weren't any better and weren't anything to write home about.

I wish I could say they were better than they were, but they just weren't.  

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